Standing On Your Own Two Feet


Many people, habitually and unconsciously stand more on one leg than the other because of life’s major or minor injuries. The result of not truly standing on two feet is that the body needs to compensate for this imbalance.  When there is a leg on which we don’t physically stand, we are gradually deteriorating joints from both overuse and lack of use.  Without knowing how we do it, we hold old compensations in place. This prevents complete healing from injury and increased risk of new injury from falls, lifting, or athletics.  Our uneven distribution of weight puts excessive strain on one side of our neck, our low back, or one shoulder, or more likely, all of the above.  

The symptoms are believed to be unrelated, however they are related systemically. In the absence of balanced, firm support, small muscles do more than their share of the load of work. Where we hurt is not always the source of the problem.  Therefore treating symptoms doesn’t necessarily solve the problem.

As the imbalances continue, each “over” or “under” use of the body affects the next link in the chain.  What seems to be individual symptoms is really your entire interdependent system valiantly counter balancing itself so that you can take the next step.  Remember your brain has a high priority to keep you safe.

Moving In Wholeness works with your whole body"s ability to re-adjust itself when physical and emotional traumas are released.  In effect you are reeducating your entire organism to adapt to life in a new way. By doing small gentle movements, it's possible to be aware of the places in your body that aren’t moving.  You might experience these areas as blocks or stiffness. By gently sensing small movements, you bring into awareness ways of holding and moving that are both habitual and unconscious.  However, when you move harmoniously, the forces generated by your muscles enhance healing and health. You create easy, safe movement rather than friction and injury. When the movement is disorganized, some of that force actually destroys body tissue which leads to further injury, inflammation, and pain. With this natural pain relief method you learn how to move harmoniously and also gain the emotional, mental and spiritual  benefits that come with it.

The beauty of this process is that when you release habitual patterns of moving and reacting, your organism presents you with a perception of yourself and of life that hadn’t occurred to you before you began. True learning happens when a change occurs that you didn’t know how to predict. It comes as a surprise. By exploring the areas of yourself that were out of awareness and by bringing your presence to your body, you have the capacity to heal long-term problems. What seem to be miracles are really the revelation of the inner miracle that all of us already are.