Re-Envision Your Vision

Via Zoom 

Class size liited to 12.

Thursdays December 3rd, 10th, and 17th. 

1:00 - 2:30 MST


Too much time at the computer???   Even though this class is being taught on-line, you will have ample time to rest and release your eyes.. Holding your eyes at a single focal length for hours at a time is similar to holding you rarm out stretched in fromt of you without moving it, for hours.  Fatigue would set in quickly. However, if you were gently moving your arm, you would be able to continue for as long as you like.

These sessions aren't just about eyes. Your eyes organize the muscle tone of your whole body. Come to "see " for yourself!

Cantact me at 801 580 9484 or through this website to register and recieve payment information.  


2021 Mentorship 

If you ar ready to take a leap

in your Practice and Your Life,

Please connect with me through this website or

text or call  801 580 9484

 If you have the desire to emprove your skills as an embodiement guide and teacher, I'm available for you.
 My mentoring programs are via Zoom and done by arrangement.
Here's what one participant said about her mentoring experience:
"My intention for mentoring with Carol was to open places in myself I didn't even know existed of could even be asked for because Carol is the kind of person who can take you there.  And she did! Thank you, Carol, for all the love you showed. You have done something that is unique, out of the mold, and oh-so valuable."
The Mentorship Program is designed to:
Increase trust within your own healing practice. 
Discover greater creative capacity and rediscover your autheticity.
Build skills and knowledge about the physical and energetic bodies
Experiend profound personal healing 
Our world is on a very rapid evolutionary trajectory. It creates the possibility that our own vibrational field is evolving as well. We have a magnificient opportuity to influence the evolutionary process.  My intention for you is to nourish states of healing presence in yourself, and in your relationship with friends, family, and clients.



For information about Classes and Private Zoom Sessions 

or to arrange a workshop for your group,

Please contact Carol