Move with ease!

…at any age

Let go of the patterns that limit you from moving forward

What if you knew how to:
Let your body decrease stress and increase ease

Peel away your unconscious, no longer useful patterns, to reveal your authentic, essential  Self.  

Stop focusing on disabilities and improve the abilities you already have

Increase your flexibility and mobility of thinking and action

These are only a few of the paths that I will compassionately help you walk  through. 

Pleasure is highly  underrated as part of our healing process

These are times of great transformation

Many people are feeling an upsurge in the need to shift their own consciousness for a more positive future. If you are a person who is feeling a need to go deeper into your authentic Self and serve your Life Purpose more fully, I am here for you.

Our world is on a very rapid evolutionary trajectory. It creates the possibility that our own vibrational field is evolving as well. We have a magnificent opportunity to influence the evolutionary process.  My intention for you is to nourish states of healing presence in yourself, and in your relationship with friends, family, and clients.

Rediscover your body's wisdom

Change can be intimidating especially because there is no honest way to predict how you will feel or what you will experience after you’ve changed. However, the feeling of stuck-ness is more painful than the fear of change. I’m available to help you access your inner truth. This happens when you re-discover your body‘s wisdom through increased body awareness  

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What is Moving in Wholeness?

Moving in Wholeness is my unique way of teaching FELDENKRAIS LESSONS so you can discover deep body awareness and more levels of consciousness.  All behaviors, including emotions, have a pattern of movement associated with them.  In doing this work you replace unconscious patterns of movement, established early in life, with authentic ones that are more useful to you in present time.  You’re gently guided to find internally motivated choices (what you really want), rather than the choices you learned to make to satisfy the expectations of others.  The effect is lasting change: the sort of improvement that offers greater vitality, more flexibility in your responses to life, and grace in everyday actions.

I blend intuition with a totally practical approach in my teaching style.  Playfulness, childlike curiosity, and humor are encouraged and included as part of the process.

Why Awareness?

When you are aware, you have the choice to change.  Without awareness there’s no choice but to continue your present pattern. Learning about yourself through awareness is healing.   Awareness, in and of itself, is transformational.

Our innate intelligence gives life to the body.
We simply have to get our educated mind out
of the way and give a greater intelligence a chance
to do what it does best.
– Albert Einstein

Why Presence?

Now is the only time we can change.  The difficulty is that our mental body is usually worried about the future and our emotional body is caught in concern about the past. Our physical body, however, is always in present time. Moving in Wholeness uses the inherent present state of your physical body to help you heal and bring more presence into your life.

Why Movement?

Movement is the best way to access the physical body. It is always going on and it is the environment for all our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The quality and comfort of your movement deeply effects the quality of your life. However, injuries, overwork, and a lifestyle of sitting too much cause a diminishing quality of movement. 

Sometimes, we have simultaneously conflicting thoughts…”I have to, but I can’t”…”I should, but I don’t want to”…  The foundation of these thoughts are embedded in long-held beliefs. However, these conflicting intentions can produce the opposing muscular demands that we experience as chronic tightness, tension, unnecessary effort, and emotional discomfort. 

Moving In Wholeness with Carol offers a unique way to bring harmonious, congruent muscular support to your system. It supports the essence of mind/body/emotional integration.

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My back relaxed and aligned in a new way so that I could actually sleep on it for the first time…It is now months later and I am still feeling so aware of my body…When I have a pain I am able to do subtle adjustment moves thanks to all the learning I have been given.  My birthright to move as a human has been restored and I feel tremendous vitality.

– Marion

Fantastic…It was just what I’d hoped for. Working with Carol was a life changing and life-prolonging experience…The right side of my neck where I had an old injury released and I felt like the muscles on that entire side became more available and stronger.

– W.A.

Remarkable healing and transformation is possible with Carol’s guidance, her knowledgeable coaching, and mostly her presence.  It’s who she is that made it possible for me to be who I am, fully and in joy.  Thank you Carol, my gratitude is endless.

– Melene