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Let Go and Free Your Shoulders

The weight of the world on our shoulders is too heavy to carry. Let go of the load you carry so that you can move more easily for yourself and be more available for those you love.

Your Bones Simplicity and Complexity

Your beautiful bones, more fluid than you can imagine. Glistening gleaming, breathing. Yes, bones breathe. 

Re-imaging Your Core

Explore ways to soften your “being” to find your true inner strength. Expansion in this domain has the potential to provide more choices of action and a greater potential for self healing.

Neck & Psoas: As Above So Below

Our big, or gross muscles, are usually very bossy. Really…very bossy. They take over with a level of effort that masks the potential of coordinated action at a deeper level. You will be exploring micro movements to discover core relationships that are unique to your personal history.

Move Into Your True Nature

Drop into your physical essence. To go from thinking mind to sensing body is definitely a learnable skill. It’s a doorway to a state of being that connects us to our true nature.

Rest Your Mind and Sense Your Body

A focus on hip joints and how we relate our legs to our pelvis and torso. Improve comfort in walking and better balance. An inward journey in self-care and in-tending.

New to Awareness Through Movement Practices?

In a group setting, you are led through gentle, yet surprisingly deep and evocative movement sequences, designed to reduce effort and bring you to greater self awareness.  The gentleness of the work makes it accessible for all ages and all levels of movement coordination.

I recommend experiencing at least one private session either in person or on Zoom to have a clearer sense of how to work with the recorded classes.

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